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Even Responsible Finance. 2019

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What’s on-demand pay have to do with a faster horse? Our new e-book explains how by using the same user experience thinking as tech giants like Google and Amazon, you can avoid falling into the trap of giving employees “what” they ask for, and instead dig deeper to grasp the reason “why.” 

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Is on-demand pay the best financial wellness solution?

  • What on-demand pay is, what its pros and cons are 

  • What the data says about how effective on-demand pay is at creating financial wellness 

  • Why it could be counter-productive to offer this benefit in isolation 

  • What’s really behind employees’ interest in on-demand pay 

  • How to offer on-demand pay in a way that truly makes employees healthier 

“The first rule of user research: never ask anyone what they want.” 

– Erika Hall, Just Enough Research